postReading is a basic skill that most people in the world are proficient at. It is a skill that is taught when very young, and can be enjoyed all lifelong. Most people develop this skill and usually peak somewhere in their teen years. Then there are those who realize how important this skill is and take it to a much higher level.

Why do some people love to read and others don’t? Some people may read a book a month, or even 1-2 books a week, and others may not even read 5 books a year. Why the disparity? Reading gives you the best value and is the most enjoyable form of entertainment. It helps keep the mind young and nimble, while being able to learn and be entertained all at the same time.

In today’s world there are many things to preoccupy our time. Many people, especially kids, spend far too much time on the computer. Kids age 8-18 spend on average 44.5 hours per week on the computer. To put it in perspective, most adults don’t


tumblr_mm3upsNz841rwo3plo1_500Are you suffering from writer’s block? Being a blogger is indeed a busy job. Bloggers have to write almost every day and sometimes they have to create guest posts for other blogs too. If you are too damn busy in this schedule, definitely every so often, you may experience writer’s block and or feel completely lost as to what to write on next. I’m coming up with a few tips that will help you deal with the writer’s block and generate some interesting topics on demand.

1. Step Away from your Laptop

Sometimes, taking a break greatly helps to get your thoughts together. Turn off your laptop and do something interesting impertinent to writing. Watch your favorite TV show, movie, head to the gym, chat with your loved ones or do something that make you feel more relaxed and refreshed. By the time you turn on your laptop, you should be in a better frame of mind to write on some great topics.

2. Research and Read

Read one of your competitors’ blogs to come up with some great ideas. Comment on your competitors’ blogs and discuss


A short brainstorm on my current thoughts

I’m currently moving my business to the international online market and I want to find the best way to move forward. I want to create valuable content for my readers that inspire and at the same time grow my business and my own knowledge. I want to use article marketing, because I’ve had success in the past publishing articles many years back. Now I’m at the beginning at something new and I want to grab a successful strategy, that I know work. This has led me to publish articles again and I’m now wondering how to make the best of it as an author.

What is my goal and how will I define the important question I will find an answer to?

My goal is to gain a lot of readers to my articles to test out my article template.

So the question I will ask myself and find the answer to is the following:

  • What do I need to focus on to gain more readers to my articles?

What does my current situation look like in order get more people to


Writing is an isolative activity, one that calls for a lot of discipline to keep going. If you are not careful, you can easily become distracted by your cell phone, the TV, your family, or even the load of laundry. So what can you do to prevent yourself from getting up before that article or chapter is complete?

Here are a few tips:

    1. Make a time management plan, one that includes your activities for the day with time slots and breaks. Chip Scanlan writing in the Poynter Report (2002) advises that writers make friends with a clock. He uses a talking timer from Radio Shack that counts down, counts up then beeps when time’s up. I like the idea of the count down as it gives you time to get ready to stop instead a regular timer that just beeps at the end. You can draw up your own planner with time slots on the left, activity in the middle and the last column for notes, so you can jot down any relevant points at the end of the slot.
    1. Remove all clutter from your workspace. I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to focus if my desk

Hold a pen. Think about a thing to write. Now jot it down on a paper, a leaf or anything that you feel like writing on. You have just done a very important job that has changed you inside and out. The importance of writing is hidden in the whole process of writing itself. I call it ‘whole’ because it has its own wholeness. Starting from an idea, moving towards another idea, mixing and linking the array of ideas, aligning them up in an order and writing them down on a piece of paper is a very speedy yet delicate and fine process. The process of writing is an exercise stimulating different levels of intellect. While we are all in the continuous process of orally communicating with the world outside, those of us who write are different than those who don’t in many ways.

First of all we will compare the productivity of the two types of people i.e. people who communicate orally only and those who communicate by writing too. When a person thinks to speak, he may think in a haphazard manner because he has to listen, process, think and speak in a very short period of time.


So you have written a book, and are ready to publish it! But the first hurdle for any aspiring author is to get past the publishing barriers and get your book out in the world. In the traditional system, an author usually has two options to publish their book:

1) Send the manuscript to the publishing house and wait for months for editors to review your book. Most of them will toss away your hard work without even looking at it for a second, and if you are really persistent they will make you a lowball offer.

2) Hire a bunch of agents to help your book reach the right hands. Now this is not only an expensive method, but there is no guarantee that you will land up with a hefty contract.

Various self publishing companies and a myriad of tools have helped to take down these barriers, and help self publishers publish their book. With the increasing list of self-publishers, this has become a popular medium to get your book out in the real world.

So, what are the different ways to self publish your book?

Publishing an EBook

With the popularity of online mediums such as Epub, PDFs, and MOBI gaining traction,